Kindly Eco System
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An Ecosystem Built to Facilitate Effortless,
Un-Random Acts of Kindness.
The Kindly Ecosystem
The Kindly Ecosystem is a fully streamlined process for purchasing,
tracking and executing certified measurable social impact on the blockchain.
It was built from the ground up to not only be transparent but to also
satisfy the needs for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Food security

Meals served


trees planted

animal welfare

Meals fed

Kindly Coin

Kindly Coin | Launching Soon

The Kindly Coin (KIND) is a cryptocurrency which will be used to transport value and social impact across multiple blockchains. Once our ecosystem becomes fully operational we will then look to decentralize various aspects of the project and utilize the KIND token to implement voting and governance mechanisms.

Kindly Coin
Kindly Coin

Kindly Labs | Launching Soon

This is our front-facing consumer-oriented NFT platform that will be launching a series of innovative socially responsible NFT Collections. These collections will explore what it means to have a digital persona and how that can be linked to doing good in the real world.

Kindly Coin

Kindly API | In Development

The Kindly ecosystem is not only transparent but is designed to meet the needs of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a result, our platform lays the foundation for creating a fully automated and streamlined process to easily purchase measurable social impact. By creating the Kindly API, it opens up new possibilities that allow anyone to easily become socially responsible.

Kindly Coin
Kindly Coin

Kindly Scan | Coming 2022

Unlike traditional block explorers, we intend to make a very consumer-friendly solution that helps customers find the information that really matters to them. How much social impact has their company, wallet, or user account generated? What is the state of their last social impact transaction? Etc. Users will be able to gain great insight into the Kindly ecosystem and see how it is changing the world.




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Funding: Seed Round

Project Rebrand

New Website Launched

Begin Marketing Efforts

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Funding: Private Round

Finalizing Partnerships

Exchange Listings

Major NFT Fundraising Events

Kindly Labs

  Coming Soon

Partnership Announcements

Kindly API

Kindly Scan

Kindly Market

Payment Integrations

Paul Rodney Turner

Humanitarian, Author & former Monk.

The Kindly Ecosystem was co-created by visionary Paul Rodney Turner, founder of Food For Life Global (FFLG).

14 years as a celibate Monk, taught Paul the benefits of discipline, simplicity, purity of intention, and spirituality. Money is energy, that is why it is called currency. It’s Paul’s life mission to bring harmony, peace and prosperity to the world and to all living systems.

Paul Rodney Turner
Paul Rodney Turner
Paul Rodney Turner
Paul Rodney Turner
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Paul Turner

Founder & Visionary

Michael Kirlew

Strategy & Product

James Skinner


Carmelia Ray

PR & community

Ryan Bautista


Dave Gray

Technical Lead

Adam Miles

Solutions Architect

Adrian Bernard

ESG Specialist

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